Rowshay, the winner of Red Bull Thre3Style Charlotte, loves it when people request that song... you know the one with that guy and girl in it.

Name: Rowshay
Twitter: @djrowshay
Years DJing: 7
Location: Charlotte, NC

First album/song you ever bought?

Beastie Boys' 'Licensed to Ill.'

Vinyl vs. Digital?

Digital... carrying crates sucks.

Best song to get the crowd moving?

Montell Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It.' Works pretty much everywhere.

What's the 'Don't Stop Believing' of 2013?

I don't believe that any song released in 2013 will have an impact like 'Don't Stop Believing.'

When do you play your ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?

I like to go middle (prime time). Shake it up, live a little.

How important is it to know the regions musical tastes?

Very! You have to connect and educate.

Dream venue?

Buckingham Palace.

How do you start your set?

Explosive's 'Let's Get This Shit Popin''

Dream collaboration?

The Captains of Industry, Justin Timberlake and Tony Robbins.

Most annoying song request?

You know… that song... it's like… and it's by that guy with the girl on it.

What was the riskiest mash up you’ve ever done?

The N'SYNC tribute set when 'The Backstreet Boys' were in the club.

What’s your guilty favorite song?

Celine Dion's 'All Coming Back To Me.'

Do you know how to play any instruments?

Spoons, kazoo, tambourine and turntables.

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