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The blistering Chicago cold didn’t stop over 400 runners from coming out to the Palos Forest Preserve in Willow Springs and participating in this weekend’s Red Bull Trail Daze.

Red Bull Trail Daze is a unique trail runner competition where runners race from point A to point B on different paths from which they choose. All runners started and finished from the same location but once they entered the trails they were given the choice of three different paths to choose from: easy, medium or hard.

The unpredictability of the course is what makes Red Bull Trail Daze a unique and exciting trail running event. When asked about his experience, 2nd place winner in the male division and University of Illinois – Chicago student John Glass, stated, "It was unpredictable, and I really liked anticipating the next challenge that came along the trail."

In the end, it was Todd Quednau of Chicago who took the fastest time for a male finishing the race in 26 minutes and 26 seconds and Shannon Javara of Chicago taking the fastest time for the females with a time of 30 minutes and 7 seconds; both runners chose the hard course and still took the title! Winners not only took home bragging rights but a gift package from event partners Saucony and running store Universal Sole.

When asked about her experience and why she chooses trail running over road running, Shannon kept it simple, “I love trail running, because it forces you to think through your path decisions instead of road running. But I really just love running in general, and Red Bull Trail Daze was a fun event for endurance running.”

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