Adam Errington at Red Bull Wake Open 2012 Chris Garrison/Red Bull Media House

"It's pretty much the next big thing with all the wakeboard contests," said Parks Bonifay, the wakeboarding great, a couple of weeks ago at the Summer X Games. He was raving about the Red Bull Wake Open.

Starting today in Tampa, Florida, and continuing Saturday, when it will be broadcast live on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series, Red Bull Wake Open is the first event to combine the three primary disciplines of the sport: Big Air, Boat and Park, which might be the most innovative element of the weekend.

"It's literally like a floating skatepark," said Bonifay. "Between doing that, the big air and the boat aspect, you have all three events and you cover all three aspects of wakeboarding."


The top 20 wakeboarders in the world were invited to Red Bull Wake Open. The athletes will be judged on overall impression and a score-based system with single-elimination qualifiers.

Tampa residents can watch the event take place live at the Tampa Convention Center, and everyone else can see the event live on NBC on July 14 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET. Tune in, chill out.

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