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News that the lockout is ending is music to the ears of countless basketball fans and players, none more so than Blake Griffin. During the extended hiatus -- while other players were filling their time traveling the world, dancing with celebrities, getting hitched, or even playing football -- Griffin decided to branch out into a new career. Without basketball, Griffin’s limitless competitive spirit led him to a new professional sport: ping-pong.

Upon announcing his signing with Red Bull, Griffin set his eyes on becoming the most dominant ping-pong player on the planet. After extensive training, Griffin tested his skills against professional player and model Soo Yeon Lee in a friendly exhibition match.


Unfortunately for Griffin, his huge wingspan and massive strength was no match for Lee’s ping-pong prowess, and he was soundly defeated. Luckily, Griffin can now return to his day job and mercifully put his career as a ping-pong pro on hold.

Heralded as one of basketball’s most exciting players, Griffin energized the game in his first year, winning the Slam Dunk competition as well as Rookie of the Year award. Griffin joins an athlete roster of high performers around the world, including Reggie Bush, DeMarcus Ware, Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Rollins, Tim Lincecum and Lindsey Vonn.

Originally from Oklahoma, Griffin played college basketball for the University of Oklahoma and was chosen as the Naismith, Wooden and Associated Press Player of the Year en route to being a consensus selection as National Player of the Year.

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