Josh Tranby Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Content Pool

The concept of "Winch Sessions," a crazy new series debuting on Red Bull's YouTube channel today, is pretty simple: producers challenge the world's best wakeboarders, snowboarders, paragliders, etc. to see what happens when they apply the insane acceleration created by a high-powered winch to their respective sports.

Among the athletes featured in the series are wakeboarders JD Webb and Adam Errington. A quick viewing of the extremely nifty 62-second teaser reveals that "Winch Sessions" is nothing less than an incredibly creative and totally radical experiment:

In the premiere episode, professional snowmobiler Levi LaVallee gives us the low-down on what to expect from the upcoming season, and we meet "Skier Steve," who has spent the last four years attempting to slide a 97-foot rail. Check it out and come back every other Thursday for more new episodes.

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