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Red Bull X-Fighters is giving you the opportunity to jump headfirst into the world's best freestyle motocross competition with its new game exclusively for iPad.

Perform gravity-defying tricks as you battle it out against the best FMX riders in eight different arenas on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

Control your bike and perform breakneck stunts using the iPad's tilt control and touchscreen. With two different game modes, a series of missions and a multitude of unlockables, this is the excitement of the Red Bull X-Fighters in the palm of your hand.

The jumps and tricks will get harder – and higher – as the game progresses, and only the best and bravest will have a chance to triumph on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

Are you game for the fight? Visit now to place your order. For more info and pictures from the game, head to the Red Bull X-Fighters website.



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