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Me & My Body: Alysia Montano

Alysia Montaño Dustin Snipes/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.


Best Foot Forward
I’ve only had one major injury: in 2008, a stress fracture in my right foot. My bones were compacting and chiseling away at themselves. I didn’t know it was broken. I felt like such a baby complaining. In the Olympic trials that year, it gave out: I don’t remember the last 100 meters; I was in such excruciating pain. It’s a potentially career-ending injury, but after using a bone stimulator for the best part of a year of recovery, I was back. My Olympic dream is back on, and I’m targeting London 2012.

Pain in the Butt
To succeed in my sport you need a balance between pushing yourself and breaking yourself. My right leg is slightly shorter than the left, and I feel it when I do explosive speed work. The top of my leg jams into my hip socket, so I visit a physio every couple of weeks to loosen it up. If not, the joint gets inflamed and stiff, and tightens your glute, which tightens your piriformis -- your butt cheek, basically -- and possibly tightens major muscles in your back. If you don’t watch it, it can take a month to recover.

Mind Games
Running is as mental as it is physical. You can physically be a beast, but if you don’t have the mindset to talk yourself out of the door in the morning on a tough day, it won’t happen. You have to practice that. I’m my biggest critic, and I have to have my angel in there beating up my demons. You talk yourself up. You get your cockiness out. No one likes a cocky person in life, but inside your head, you’re the best.

"He came down the field and I tackled him, complete with girly flower. I’ve worn one every single day since."

Down to Business
I pretty much work a 9-to-5. People forget that what i do is a full-time job. My training goes in cycles, but about four days a week i’m out the door at 7:30, as i tend to have three workouts a day, two runs, and a weight-training session. It’s better to get started early so you’re not finishing at 9 p.m. I start the year doing a lot of mileage, then add things in like strengthening and sprints, the idea being to hit peak come competition time.

Club Med
I care about what I eat. We all have our moments of, “I’m going to eat what I like,” but then I feel it. It’s like a car: put good fuel in, you get good results. I’m a pretty good cook -- my husband says so anyway. I love Mediterranean food, and I cook a mean chicken lemon pesto with garlic. I serve it with homemade hummus and pita chips. You’ve got carbs and protein there, and I serve it with sautéed vegetables. People can gag thinking of healthy food, but the secret is to make things that don’t look or taste too healthy.

Petal Power
I always wear a flower in my hair. I grew up with a bunch of boys, playing a lot of sports. One day we were playing football and a guy made a spiteful comment about me playing, so I went and grabbed a flower and put it in my hair, like “Yeah, I’m a girl playing football, so what?” He came down the field and I tackled him, complete with girly flower. I’ve worn one every single day since, especially for sports. It’s important for people to realize you can be strong and feminine.



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