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Art of Flight Red Bulletin October 2011 Red Bulletin Magazine

On a private landing pad, steps away from the lobby of the Nelsen Lodge in majestic Revelstoke, British Columbia, two helicopters stand ready to receive their guests. Russian oligarchs, perhaps? Minted Fortune 500 executives looking for backcountry release after months of spreadsheets and layoffs?

Lugging equipment, five film-crew members file up to the helicopters, followed by a photographer, three professional snowboarders, two backcountry guides, a location producer, and two helicopter pilots.

“It’s just another snowboard movie,” says director Curt Morgan, a George Lucas look-alike wearing a puffy vest and trucker hat, and sporting six months’ worth of bushy beard. He stops to take a call and then settles into the second helicopter.

It is, of course, anything but.

“That’s It, That’s All” was a snowboarding movie in name only, a genre-busting piece of filmmaking.

The last time Morgan made a movie about snowboarding, he not only broke the mold, he made most people forget there ever was one. Starring co-producer and snowboarding virtuoso Travis Rice, “That’s It, That’s All” -- released in fall 2008 -- was a snowboarding movie in name only, a genre-busting piece of filmmaking that was inspired by the majesty of the “Planet Earth” TV series and utilizes a collection of camera toys Michael Bay would be proud of.

“We always joke that the worst thing we could have done is call our last movie ‘That’s It, That’s All,’ because how do we follow a title like that?” says Rice.

On September 7, Morgan and Rice will premiere “The Art of FLIGHT” in New York, the first stop on a global tour, and one day before the movie comes out on Blu-ray, DVD, and iTunes. Coproduced by the Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Digital Cinema, the film is set in Chile, Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, and the pair’s home turf in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

To the tapestry of stunning action shots and snowscapes, Rice and Morgan are weaving in a storytelling element in an effort to establish themselves firmly in the mainstream.


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