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Me & My Body: Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Red Bulletin September 2011 Bethanie MattekSands

All Natural, No-Nonsense Diet

I eat all-natural stuff -- no artificial flavors or sugars, and high protein, as that helps the muscles recover. If I want to eat some junk food, I still try to keep it natural -- I need to be able to pronounce every ingredient on the packet! My weakness is good cheeses and cured meats, but I work out a lot, so I don’t need to worry too much about fats. They help recovery as well -- a lot of athletes don’t actually get enough.

Born This Way

I’ve always been different in the way I dress, ever since I was little. I get some strange looks -- especially at Wimbledon -- because of my outfits, but most fans love it. It’s good to stand out on court.

"I’ve worn animal print and a cowboy hat on court."

Once I was watching a tennis match between two blond girls on TV, and both were wearing the exact same thing from head to toe; I actually couldn’t tell them apart. It’s just part of my personality. I’ve worn animal print and a cowboy hat on court, and I debuted knee-high socks at Wimbledon a few years ago when I played Venus Williams.

This year I’ve started wearing eye black, too. It comes from American football and helps reduce sun glare. At the French Open, I had eye black with my signature “B” inside it, and I have all sorts of colored ones, which don’t help so much with the glare, but it’s something different.

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