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Me and my body: Katherine Reutter

Katherine Reutter in the December 2012 Red Bulletin magazine Tom Bear/Red Bulletin Magazine


She’s juggling a rigorous post-hip-surgery training regimen and college, but it’s not slowing down this 24-year-old two-time Olympic medalist and speed-skating star.

1. Back on track
What really hurts my back is when I have to round it out, and that’s what we do. If your chest can touch your thighs but you have an extension curve in your back, it doesn’t count. You have to suck in your belly button and draw your hips underneath you.

2. Hip to be strong
Surgeons extracted my leg out of the hip socket and shaved down the head of my femur until it was shaped like a ball instead of like an egg.

3. Hot Feet
A trick to prevent blisters: You put your boot in the oven, get it nice and hot, then put it on and tie it super-tight so it’ll conform to the shape of your foot.

4. Body Image
I'm a workout freak. I’m majoring in exercise physiology. I love the body and how it works; how we fuel it, how it functions. It’s important to have a strong body and to be proud of your accomplishments.

5. Balanced Mind
Injury has made me a much calmer person. I was always stressing about my results. Now it’s: “Whatever the result is, how am I going to make it better next time?”

6. First Cut
I had knee surgery when I was 15 -- they cut out bone spurs. Skating’s not good for your knees, but I think this was more from being a rough and tough kid.



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