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It's Snow Time: Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn in the January 2012 Red Bulletin Magazine Red Bulletin Magazine

There are many things in this life that Lindsey Vonn is well prepared for: bombing down a snowy mountain in the Alps at 70 mph; pulling a Cool Hand Luke and eating a dozen hard-boiled eggs at one sitting as part of her training diet; enduring various injuries -- from a deep shin bruise to broken bones -- and getting back on her skis without hesitation the next day.

Catching Bieber fever, however, was unexpected. “When I met Justin Bieber, he was like, ‘Well, I’ve been skiing quite a few times, would you ever give me a lesson?’ And I was like, ‘Are you kidding? Of course,’ ” Vonn says. “It would be pretty sweet.”

It’s not enough to be a fierce and successful competitor, you also better look smashing in a red-carpet dress.

It’s nearly two years since Vonn won the downhill gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with an exhortative scream and a jubilant tumble in the snow, and she now finds herself in an unexpected place: in a sport that only receives the laser-like attention of the U.S. public and media every four years, she remains in the spotlight as one of the country’s preeminent female athletes.

She’s won the Excellence in Sports Award (ESPY) for Best Female Athlete for two years running, is a regular fixture during the off-season at Hollywood events, and clowns around with other top professional athletes in TV commercials.

And this is what it means to be an elite female athlete at the dawn of 2012. It’s not enough to be a fierce and successful competitor -- you can win enough Olympic medals to give the Federal Reserve a run for its money; you can serve a tennis ball at 130 mph; you can throw off your helmet and brawl in the pit lane with the best of NASCAR -- but by God, you also better look smashing in a red-carpet dress.



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