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Building a winner's body

Reggie Bush jumping


“Football has a 100 percent injury rate,” says Reggie Bush. “It’s not a matter of if you’re going to get injured, it’s a matter of when.” The Detroit Lions running back is one of the fittest in the NFL; his 4.3 seconds in the 40 yard-dash also makes him among the fastest. “The right training helps to limit the injury risk and to withstand the tackles. My workout routine includes muscle development in the weight room, motor skill training under stress, and training on the treadmill.”

Treadmill Drill: NFL stars only

“Even under stress, your motor skills need to work properly,” says Bush. “On the treadmill, you learn to automate rolling over at high speed and train motor skills, which helps me play the game.”

1a. Run forward on a horizontal treadmill.
1b. Dive and roll over the training ball.
1c. Roll over, get up, keep running. Repeat four times.

2a. Run backwards on an inclined treadmill with a ball in your hand.
2b. As you run, put the ball on an adjacent holder.
2c. Run back to the top of the treadmill. Repeat four times.

Leg Strength

“My legs are precious, but they are also my opponents’ target,” says Bush. “Therefore, strong leg muscles are essential. This weight vest is filled with sand and iron and speeds up leg- muscle development. I wear it when I do an overall workout, sprint sessions, knee bends, and jumping power training.”



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