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It seems one of modern rock’s most celebrated acts has recently made news more for what they haven’t done -- such as letting their music be used on “Glee” -- than for what they have. So there was a certain buzz of anticipation when The Red Hot Chili Peppers invited the remaining members of the shrinking international music media to sit down in a Santa Monica hotel with the band to finally hear “I’m With You” -- the first Chili Peppers album in five years -- a strong, passionate, 14-song piece of work.

From the opening track, “The Monarchy of Roses,” to the concluding “Dance, Dance, Dance,” “I’m With You” is an album that shows the old rock ’n’ roll dogs learning some new tricks too, including a winning and sexy melding of classic rock and dance rhythms that at times recalls the ’70s-era Rolling Stones.

"It’s about thinking about music in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with categories or trends."

“Our mission is the same as it always was,” says Flea, muscled and tattooed, and looking younger than his 48 years as he sits in one of two adjoining hotel suites on the coast with the Santa Monica pier in view. Next to him sits Josh Klinghoffer, their new guitarist.

“It’s to get together in our personal lives, and in our communal life as a band to be the very best musicians that we can be -- to grow and search and indulge our creative selves in new ways,” he adds.

“Trying to get better -- that’s really my thing, and I know that it’s Josh’s thing too. It’s all about thinking about music in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with categories or trends, or anything at all, except giving ourselves to making the most beautiful thing that we can.”

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