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Reggie Bush and his Miami Dolphins teammates are currently under the microscope on HBO's Emmy-winning reality series, "Hard Knocks." Reggie is coming off his best season in the NFL; playing healthy for the first time in two years, Reggie rushed for 1,086 yards and averaged 5.0 yards per carry in 2011 for the Dolphins. He also caught 43 passes for close to 300 yards.

For 2012, the Dolphins have a new coach, Joe Philbin, a promising young quarterback in Matt Moore and an even more exciting rookie QB in Ryan Tannehill. As we look forward to the new season, we dug up some of Reggie's best touchdown plays...

5. 76-Yard Run Against the Buffalo Bills

With the Miami Dolphins last year, Reggie rushed for 100 yards or more six times, including a career-best 203-yard game against the Buffalo Bills.

4. The 6-Yard Leap

With the New Orleans Saints, Reggie takes flight here against the Miami Dolphins, grabbing the end-around at the 20 yard line and then leaping from the 6 yard line into the end zone -- that's 18 feet, people!

3 & 2. Reggie Takes Two Punts to the Bank

These two plays go back to a single game in 2008, when Reggie returned two punts to the endzone on Monday Night Football.

1. Tackle-Breaking Touchdown

In 2010 against the Arizona Cardinals in the second round of the playoffs, Reggie breaks free of at least two sure tackles and then jukes around another defensive lineup before running 50 yards for the touchdown (and celebration).

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