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Ultimate Carnage

If you watched the 2010 Summer X Games, you might remember Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford race cars battling neck-to-neck on a dirt track resembling that of a motocross competition. With four cars racing up and down the steep slopes of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and sliding around the tight course, peril was imminent. Throw in a huge, mandatory jump and the action became ultimate carnage. Body panels were obliterated, engines were destroyed, dirt was strewn about and egos were bruised. Ricky Bobby would’ve been proud. That, my friends, was the U.S. debut of rallycross.

As per modus operandi, if adrenaline and/or thrill are involved, Red Bull is in like Flynn. So it should come to no surprise that Red Bull and Hyundai announced a collaboration with Rhys Millen to compete in the 2011 U.S. Rallycross Championship.


  • The sport originated as a TV show in Great Britain (1967)
  • Rallycross made it's Australian debut in 1969
  • Rallycross is most popular in Netherlands, Belgium and The UK

Rhys Millen

A drift racer, truck backflipper, Hollywood stunt driver and long time Red Bull compatriot, Rhys brings his years of wheel experience to the new effort. In fact, he’s somewhat of an expert at racing in dirt. Rhys has competed for years at the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a 12.42 mile timed trial over gravel and pavement that ascends 4,721 ft. He even set a class record in 2009 in his Red Bull-clad Hyundai Genesis coupe.

For his four-wheeled rallycross weapon, Rhys is going with Hyundai yet again, campaigning their new compact Veloster. Rhys Millen Racing, Rhys’ own race shop is tooling up the Korean car with heavy modifications. Expect a turbocharged motor putting out in the neighborhood of 500 hp, a full roll cage and custom body work. Can you say, Hyundai street cred?

Full details on the program are to be announced this Wednesday, February 9th, from the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.

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