Rickie Fowler picks up his Red Bull Capital Drive hole-in-one Matt Roth/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

As part of "Red Bull Capital Drive" yesterday, PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year Rickie Fowler hit a hole-in-one from an elevated tee box - without a sight line - at a man-made hole constructed for him at Washington D.C.'s Historic Georgetown Waterfront.

The 106-yard hole tested Fowler’s precise shot-making skills leading into the U.S. Open, with the Potomac River as a backdrop and winds swirling. Fowler's shots had to go over a fountain hazard - and onto an island green placed in another fountain.

“It looked good in the air, but I obviously couldn’t see it because it was a blind shot,” said Fowler. “To be able to do that as part of Red Bull Capital Drive and with 18 balls to work with was pretty cool.”

The tee box was set up at the main entrance to Washington Harbor at the Georgetown Waterfront. Fowler hit his tee shots through the narrow passageway that led to the grand fountain that is the epicenter of the property. On each side of the "fairway" were five-story buildings that house some of the most prestigious lawyers and lobbyists in Washington. In addition to the yardage and the narrow passage, Fowler had to navigate a smaller water hazard that was 40 yards in front of the tee box.

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