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This year marks the first time Riot Fest goes to the East Coast -- into the cradle of American civilization -- and what better city to host the inaugural eastward trek than Philadelphia. Set for September 24 on Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, Riot Fest East will showcase bands from the Upper East Coast, representing their home turf, including The Dead Milkmen, Plow United, Excitebike, Samiam, Weston, The Menzingers and The Holy Mess.

Check out some of the music videos from some of the bands playing at Riot Fest East:

The Dead Milkmen

Formed in 1983, The Dead Milkmen has been rockin’ Philly with full-length albums like “Big Lizard in My Backyard,” “Soul Rotation” and most recently “The King in Yellow,” which is their first studio album in 16 years.

Plow United

Representing Wilmington, Delaware, Plow United is a three-piece, pop-punk band. Their most successful record was in ’96 with “Goodnight Soul.”


Hard-core punk rock is the name of the game for Excitebike, who is currently unsigned from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

To listen to Excitebike catch them on MySpace


From Berkeley, California, Samiam was formed in 1988 and has been touring the world, playing punk rock from Asia to South America.


Hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Weston has been together since 1990. According the band’s Myspace page, they’re all about “getting their ‘message’ out to the ‘kids.’

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