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Every week, we will feature a band performing at Riot Fest 2011, which will be in Philadelphia on September 24 and Chicago on October 5. This week, we focus on punk legends, Social Distortion.

When the team at Riot Fest was creating the “dream team” band lineup, one of the main bands that made the list was Orange County punk legends, Social Distortion. They will prove their legendary status at Riot Fest Chicago this fall.

Over the course of their 32-year career Social Distortion has gone through almost every phase of life a band can have: upstart period, drug addiction, death, major label contracts, lineup changeovers, radio hits, and finally, respected elder statesmen-status. Through it all Mike Ness has maintained an unmistakable aura of coolness and a consistent high-level of songwriting that few in rock history can match.

Social Distortion’s latest full length “High Times and Nursery Rhymes” brings them full circle, as it is their first album for Epitaph Records, the noted California punk label started in the same era as Social D. Social Distortion plays Thursday, October 6, at Congress Theater.

Quick Social Distortion Playlist

Latest single “Machine Gun Blues”

Classic Cut #1: ”Story of My Life”

Classic Cut #2: “I Was Wrong”

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