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Every week, we will feature a band performing at Riot Fest 2011, which will be in Philadelphia on September 24 and Chicago on October 5. This week, we take a look at the Los Angeles punk band X.

X occupies a special place in the annals of rock history. Their hyper-literate rockabilly informed punk style has made the band appeal to both underground and mainstream fans, while their influence has stretched far beyond Los Angeles, where they formed back in 1977.
The band continues to perform despite co-lead vocalist Exene Cervenka’s public battle with illness over the last few years. Initially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2009, she recently received the news that she might not have MS at all. Exene herself says: “I’ve had so many doctors tell me I have MS, then some say I don’t -- I don’t even care anymore."

With Exene’s mystery condition, every single X show takes on an air of fresh urgency. Overcoming Exene’s challenges, X will be performing their landmark 1980 debut LP “Los Angeles,” from front to back at both Riot Fest Chicago and Riot Fest East. While most records age poorly and can sound dated only a few years later, “Los Angeles” remains just as vibrant and stunningly original as it did 31 years ago.

Here’s a quick playlist of X’s work:

Johnny Hit and Run Pauline

X live on David Letterman


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