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Check it out: Dizzy picks five of his favorite tracks from his own song catalog.

Words with Dizzy Wright

Real Name: La’Reonte Wright
Hometown: Las Vegas
Influences: Nobody
Who He’s Down With: Funk Volume, Las Vegas

You have a lot of messages and themes in your music. On your song “Legendary,” you say that you don’t want to be famous. You want to be powerful. What is the distinction between the two?

Anybody can be famous. A one-hit wonder can be famous. I want to always be around. That’s what I was trying to say. Even if I’m not here, I want my shit to live on. I think I naturally have that, and I believe it. I’m working hard at being the best. I’m learning from other greats and moving forward. From Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, I learned versatility, harmonizing, adding a little something different that people can vibe to. Pac, Jigga, local legends, underground greats, I learn from everybody.



“Smokeout Conversations” is the title of your new album. What’s your favorite strain of weed to smoke when you’re writing and creating?

I like to smoke sativa just because it keeps me up. I like some good sativa that’ll get me up, that’s got my thought process running. I like to smoke sativa before shows, during shows, just so I’m always on, up and ready.

Indica keeps you more laid-back, more down, chill. Indica’s more for when I’m chilling, trying to get blowed. I’ll smoke some indica before I got to sleep, or when me and the homies are just trying to chill out, have a conversation and get high. We like to switch it up, though. There’s a lot of marijuana out there, so it’s not hard to switch it up.

On your new song “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work,” you talk about teams and working together. Why do you feel that works?

Nobody can do it by themself. Period. If you can’t get that through your head from jump, you’re not built to make it at all. “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” is probably the realest shit on the album because it’s so true. Your support system, who you bring around you, who you connect with, the relationships you build, it’s important. If you’ve got your crew, your people that you’re with and you can come together and everybody knows their positions, what role they’re playing, can’t nobody stop you.

The thing is, everybody wants to be the star, the first one up, travel to every show. All this extra stuff, that’s where people fail.

Dizzy tells us about five of his favorite tracks from his own song catalog.

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