Robbie Maddison rides in AIR.CRAFT for DC Shoes DC Shoes

We just got some new info on the Robbie Maddison 'AIR.CRAFT' film project, and it follows Maddo's long-standing tradition of changing things up and looking at freestyle motocross in as many new ways as possible.

DC Shoes released the official trailer for 'AIR.CRAFT' today (watch it below) and announced a few of the details, mainly that the short film will feature Maddison -- who handled many of the motorcycle stunts in the recent Bond film 'Skyfall' -- taking his legendary style to a military airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona.

In most cases, FMX courses are pretty predictable -- a series of take-off ramps and dirt landings that most riders are used to hitting makes for a comfortable set-up, but it doesn't do much to encourage innovation.

For 'AIR.CRAFT,' Maddo and crew maneuvered more than 50 airplanes to create the ultimate course, using different parts of the planes for landings and other, more imaginative tricks. As we saw in the previous teaser, even shipping containers were utilized to bring Maddison's creative plan to life.


"I really wanted to create something different so moto fans can see something new and interesting, really making this as special as possible," Maddison pointed out in a DC Shoes press release. "Thanks to all the guys at DC and also Red Bull for believing in me and supporting me with wanting to create this project. It was the perfect timing with the direction I wanted to take this sport.”

Filmed over three days, the 'AIR.CRAFT' project will premiere on the DC Shoes YouTube channel on Monday, February 11, celebrating the release of the Robbie Maddison Teamworks Collection of footwear and apparel and his signature DC motocross gear.

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