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On this week’s Rock Report, Courtney Love rips into the Foo Fighters, Augustana decides their fate and Gorillaz take some gorilla-size steps forward. Also, Gym Class Heroes talk to Red Bull about their hit record and Rage Against The Machine speak to protesters through a poem. This, and much more, in the Rock Report.

Courtney Love Throws a Fit

During Hole’s performance at the SWU Music & Arts Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil this past Sunday, the lead singer went into a rage when a fan raised a picture of her late husband Kurt Cobain in the air. She insulted the fan, threatened the concert-goer with violence, took a shot at Cobain’s former Nirvana band mate Dave Grohl and left the stage. The band followed shortly thereafter.

Minutes later, Hole guitarist Micko Larkin re-appeared on stage to lead the crowd in a “Foo Fighters are gay” chant. Love returned to finish the set, but not before taking a parting shot at Grohl. Apparently, the beef continues.

Augustana's Fate

When Dan Layus -- front man of Augustana -- spoke to Red Bull back in September, he revealed that two of the members left the group and was uncertain about the band’s future. Now, two months later, he has decided to move forward with the Augustana name.

"There has been some confusion regarding the current state of Augustana," Layus said in a statement. "While some members have parted ways, Augustana will continue to tour and perform. We'll be playing songs from all three albums and new material. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.” The three-week outing kicks off January 17th at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, California and concludes February 7th at Vinyl in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gym Class Heroes Flying High

Gym Class Heroes released their highly anticipated fifth studio album “The Papercut Chronicles II” this past Tuesday, but their single “Stereo Hearts” featuring Adam Levine has dominated radio. For the past couple of weeks, the record has been sitting at the #1 spot on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart and the video has garnered nearly 40 million views on YouTube.

Red Bull recently caught up with guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo, who told us how the collaboration with the Maroon 5 singer came about. “Well, we first started touring and our management asked us, ‘Who would you guys like to work with? Just off the top of your heads,’ and one of the guys on that list was Adam Levine,” the guitarist explains.

“We had a lot of collaborations in the past -- a good chunk. But we really focused on using a collaboration if it makes sense for that song as opposed to just working with someone because they are popular at the time. So that’s what happened with ‘Stereo Hearts.’ When we started working on that song, we were working with Benny Blanco and, I don’t know who brought him up, but Adam’s name came up. So we thought he was down for that and available for that, and he was. That’s pretty much it.”

Noah Gallagher Coming Back to the U.S.

With their American tour wrapping up, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are already looking forward to coming back to the ‘States. As such, they have announced a slew of Spring dates for 2012. The Britpop collective kicks off the trek on March 28th at Warner Theatre in Washington D.C. It wraps up April 6th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grouplove Hits the Road

Speaking of spring tours, alternative rock stars on the rise Young The Giant will hit the road with indie pop rock quartet Grouplove. The concert run launches March 6th at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont and concludes April 7th at Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Young The Giant are still riding out their self-titled debut album and Grouplove are currently promoting their debut album “Never Trust A Happy Song,” which has been fueled by the hit “Colours.”

Gorillaz Feelin' Good

Gorillaz should “feel good” about the next couple of months. The English virtual band will release their greatest hits compilation “The Singles Collection 2001-2011” on November 28th, which will feature smash records including “Clint Eastwood,” “Dare” and “Feel Good Inc.”

Also, the group’s co-founder Jamie Hewlett recently collaborated with Converse to create the “Gorillaz Chuck Taylor All Star Collection.” Designed by Hewlett, the footwear line consists of four different pairs of shoes each with its own exclusive print inspired from the band’s artwork. The kicks will be available February 2012 at the suggested retail price of $60 a pair.

Rage Against The Machine and the 'Occupy' Movement

Zack De La Rocha has always fought against the system and now, with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement picking up more steam, the political activist is sending protesters words of encouragement. The front man of Rage Against The Machine wrote the following poem to show his support for the cause:

“The beginning spills through city veins
Into the arteries
And under powers poison clouds
We move like the shadows
Through the alley ways
Through nightmares bought and sold as dreams
Through barren factories
Through boarded schools
Through rotting fields
Through the burning doors of the past
Through imaginations exploding
To break the curfews in our minds

Our actions awaken dreams of actions multiplied
A restless fury
Once buried like burning embers
Left alone to smolder
But together stacked under the walls of a dying order
All sparks are counted
Calloused hands raised in silence
Over the bonfire of hope unincorporated
It's flame restores tomorrows meaning
Across the graveyards of hollow promises
As gold dipped vultures pick at what is left of our denial

And the youngest among us
Stare at us stoned like eyes determined
And say
Death for us may come early
Cause dignity has no price
At the corner of now and nowhere
Tomorrow is calling
Tomorrow is calling

Do not be afraid.”

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