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Bruce Springsteen is a Boss

The Garden State’s favorite son has officially dethroned Adele, the reigning soul-pop princess of the world, on the Billboard 200 with his brand new studio album “Wrecking Ball.” It debuted at the top of the chart by moving over 196,000 units -- just one thousand more than the almighty Adele. Congrats to “The Boss!”

Jake Gyllenhaal and The Shoes

The French indie dance-rock collective have unveiled the official video to their new single “Time To Dance.” In the nearly nine-minute clip, the Academy-nominated actor can be seen doing normal guy stuff including working out, eating, clubbing and preparing for a killing spree. Absolutely normal stuff. It’s like the Euro version of “American Psycho.” Check the clip out below.

Billy Corgan's Impression

At SXSW, the controversial bandleader of Smashing Pumpkins stole the show at book author Brian Solis’ panel “The End Of Business As Usual.” During the one-on-one conversation, Corgan slammed up-and-coming music artists by comparing them to “fresh strippers.” He later had some choice words for today’s music scene by saying, “Don’t call it rock and roll. I was part of a generation that changed the world – and it was taken over by poseurs.” Evidently, Corgan isn’t happy with the music industry.

The Hives' New Standard

Five years removed from their last full-length effort, the Swedish collective will drop their fifth studio album “Lex Hives” on June 5th. The 12-track offering, to be released on the group’s own label Disques Hives, was self-produced and mixed by Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele). “Go Right Ahead” has been named the leadoff single.

Martha’s Trouble and

Funded and promoted entirely through a campaign, the indie folk duo (comprised of Rob and Jen Slocumb) will self-release their lullabies-themed album “A Little Heart Like You” on May 8th. One of the more unique music projects that will be seen in 2012, the 10-track collection features both original and cover material. Martha’s Trouble continues to make the indie scene proud!

Festivals might take center stage this summer, but Barenaked Ladies and Blues Traveler are putting together a worthwhile tour of their own. The groups will launch a two-month trek that is slated to kick off July 6th at the Toledo Zoo Amp in Toledo, Ohio. As of now, it will run through August 19th at the Bangor Waterfront in Bangor, Maine. More dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Providing support will be Cracker and Big Head Todd & The Monsters For Last Summer On Earth.

Moonlight Bride are Experimenting

The Tennessee noise-pop quartet spent last summer recording their EP “Twin Lakes,” which was recently released on February 28th, and flirted with different styles. While it shares some similarities with their debut album, 2009’s “Myths,” the sound deviates a tad.

“‘Twin Lakes,’ at its core, is the same as ‘Myths’ when it comes to songwriting,” front man Justin Giles explains. “But when it comes to instrumentation, there was a lot of experimentation. ‘Myths’ was a very synthesizer-based record and ‘Twin Lakes’ is a very guitar-based record, so that’s two very apparent differences. When it comes down to the songs, they’re more or less the same -- it’s just the way we dress them up on ‘Twin Lakes’ is a little different from the way dress them up on ‘Myths.’”

As it stands, Moonlight Bride are working diligently on their currently untitled sophomore album. While a release date hasn’t been set, the band plans to feed their growing fan base with another project later this spring.

“We have a new EP -- yeah, another EP -- we’re looking to get ready around May or June,” Giles reveals. “It’s an acoustic thing, so we’re gonna throw that out. We’re taking all of April to write and hopefully finish our next full-length, which we’re halfway through writing right now.”

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