Swapping singers on Red Bull Rock the Route Red Bull

Day 5 dawns on Red Bull Rock the Route and it’s time to take a look back at some of the things to have gone down so far. More details are coming (with photos and even video), but here are a couple of highlights to whet your appetite.

Speaking of appetite, the bands literally threw down for a special challenge in Amarillo, Texas, yesterday, with Young Jesus’ Cody Kellogg and Brighton MA’s Sam Koentopp stepping up to devour a 72 oz. steak at Big Texan Steak Ranch. Let's just say Cody put down 54 oz. of that bad boy and he still hasn't gone to the bathroom. That's three pounds of beef, folks. Overall, the steak-eating showdown was sick - just ask the chunks of meat that came out of Sam's nose after the 1-hour challenge was over.

“Just ate 54 oz. of the 72 oz. steak at The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas. Young Jesus is back on the Red Bull bus tomorrow!” exclaimed an exultant Cody, between stomach cramps.

Other challenges so far have included things like a race through a corn field maze, a paintball shootout, and a leap of faith that entailed the bands swapping their lead singers for one of the long drives – one in the van, one in the cozy bus. By the way, the photo above is of the singers wishing each other luck. 


Between the drives, the shows have been awesome, with the crowd and the antics getting crazier along the way. Celebrity judges so far have included members of the bands Shiny Toy Guns and Plain White Ts.

Speaking of judging, the bands are given points based on challenges, live performances and social networking – and that’s where you step in. Each band can pick up points from a text-to-vote campaign, so if you’re down for either Young Jesus or Brighton MA and haven’t been able to hit one of the shows, you can still help them out. Text either YOUNGJ or BMA to 72855 (you can only vote once) and make your voice heard!

The bands are now on their way to Albuquerque for tonight’s show. If you’re anywhere near Sunshine Theater, make your way out, and Angelenos, start prepping for the tour closer at Viper Room!





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