Brighton MA in the Scenic Cruiser Rock the Route

Going from the Scenic Cruiser (an extremely pimped-out 1955 Greyhound bus stocked with Red Bull, flat screens, X Box, cheesy DVDs and various hints of luxury) to being in charge of driving a sketch-quality van and paying for your own gas has caused mixed feelings about how touring across Route 66 could and should be like.

“The only thing this bus doesn’t have is a bathroom,” discussed the members of Brighton MA (pictured above) last Friday. Come Sunday when they trailed behind the day’s count in text votes, they had to sacrifice the roomy rock-and-roll atmosphere and hand it off to Young Jesus.

It wasn’t long before BMA’s Facebook status was updated to “Jamming econo in the van today. It smells like gas, but otherwise it’s pretty similar to how we usually tour.” That was followed by a comment from one of Young Jesus’ band members that read, “Brighton MA=#1 bitchass.”


Rivalry between the two bands off the stage has been getting more entertaining while touring across Route 66. There has been a paintball gun shootout in Missouri, a race through a corn maze in Oklahoma, a 72 oz. steak-eating contest in Texas, and a guitar solo battle in some ghost town desert of Arizona (pictured above). Pranks have been pulled and yes, mooning from bus to van has gone into effect more than once.

It’s been heavily encouraged all across the U.S.A. this week to “rock the vote,” but it hasn’t had anything to do with Election Day on this tour. The text message judging has gotten really intense, resulting in a huge increase of votes for both bands, keeping them in very close range of each other every day.

With the way it’s been looking on the points awarded for actual live performances, these two bands from Chicago have had to step it up and reach out to new fans through a lot of social networking and word-of-mouth gig promoting in cities full of strangers.

To cast your vote, text either YOUNGJ or BMA (you can only vote once) to 72855. See you in Los Angeles!





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