Young Jesus flipping out Shawn Nystrand/Red Bull

Hey everyone! Life on the road so far has been pretty crazy. There have been some close calls, questionable fumes, paintball welts, crazy costumes, and an unexpectedly kick-ass Halloween show!

Today we had our second challenge of the trip at this crazy corn maze in the middle of Oklahoma. Now it's back in the crappy tour van for the rest of the day. We'll keep you updated throughout the tour.

Shawn from Young Jesus 

null Red Bull

And the latest from Brighton MA:

Last night was our third show in three days, and as of right now, we are ahead of Young Jesus by a handful of points. Thank you all so much for reaching out to every conceivable source to get us the text points, it is really paying off.

As far as the actual events of the tour go, it’s been amazing. We’ve played great and every night is building upon the last. We’ve been riding on this amazing bus and staying in swanky hotels; I could get used to touring like this.

Yesterday we had a paintball challenge against the kids. It was crazy - I accidentally shot our producer in the back when I ambushed their last surviving player. He was standing right there filming the whole thing (the footage is phenomenal). We won that shit, and won back the bus we lost from the night before.

Of course last night was a Halloween show. I wore a fantastic bird costume my wife Katie made for me. Jon was the big bad wolf, Bo was dexter point dexter and Jim and Joe were bruised and battered. There was a crowd of a couple dozen 13-16 year olds who were going completely berserk - it was awesome.

I think today's challenge will be a 72 oz steak-eating contest (at the Big Texan, pictured above). It’s possible I will puke, but I’m diving into that thing with everything I've got.

Sam from Brighton MA





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