Ronnie Renner, nighttime in Ocotillo Wells Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Photofiles

Motorcyle madman Ronnie Renner is no stranger to air time; the two-time X Games gold medalist in Step Up also holds the Guinness World Record for highest motorcycle air on a quarterpipe at 63 feet, 5 inches (see video clip below). The proud father of three is also a king of natural terrain, building a reputaion as one of the most talented freeriders around, with skills readily on display on the Red Bull Ronnie Renner Freeride Tour.

A consumate showman, Rendawg's never been one to keep his personality under wraps, but we thought we'd go a little deeper for you and get him to reveal a list of his favorite things. Read on to see what he thinks about golf, dogs and Will Ferrell, and feel free to compare some of your own favorites in the comments below...

Favorite movie:
It’s super hard for me to pin down a favorite movie, so how about I do a few? Comedy: Kingpin, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights or Old School. Serious movies: Snatch or Gladiator.

Favorite book:
It's Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong is a book that will change your outlook on life and make you stronger.

Favorite TV show:
I have a few favorite TV shows, but I'd say that The Office is still at the top of my list.

I think if push came to shove, Mexican food would rise above.

Favorite magazine:
Racer X magazine is hard to beat; they go above and beyond. It sucks to answer that because the other mags get mad. For the record, I like them all!

Favorite song or artist:
My favorite song is "Worth Dying For" by Rise Against. It gets me fired up.

Favorite animal:
I never thought I'd say this, but dogs are my favorite animal. My little Rat Terrier, Boogie, has really shown me why dogs are "man’s best friend".

Favorite color:
Thanks to KTM, I am an "Orange Bleeder" - I love the color orange. That’s what color my bikes are, my boat is, and even my custom chopper.

Favorite holiday:
I really like Christmas, because it just brings people together and in awesome moods. I spend waayyy too much money then, though!

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Favorite tech gadget:
Man, I am so trendy… I hate to admit it, but I am all about my iPhone.

Favorite thing to eat:
I love so many types of food that it is really tough to pick. I think if push came to shove, Mexican food would rise above.

Favorite thing to wear:
My favorite thing to wear? Weird question. Well, let’s see… I love to put my helmet on; good times usually follow.

Favorite place to be:
By far, my favorite place to be is out in the desert, camping and freeriding with my family. Fireside under the stars... It doesn’t get any better.

Favorite way to indulge or treat/reward yourself:
I'm an idiot when it comes to rewarding myself. I usually buy something. After I won the 2007 X Games I decided to buy a boat. Well, let’s just say that wasn’t my smartest financial move, as I've only used it like five times since!

Favorite times to get up/go to bed:
I go to bed around midnight and am up at around 8, sometimes earlier. I'm a night-owl for sure.

Favorite thing to spend money on:
I try not to buy too much "stuff". I usually spend my hard-earned jack on things that I can have fun with, a.k.a. toys! One thing I refuse to do is buy "designer" crap. Name brand stuff is so lame.

Favorite thing to do in your free time:
Besides the obvious answer of spending time with my family, in my free time I like to golf, mountain bike and have recently started doing a lot of car-racing PS3 games in preparation for the real thing.

Favorite Red Bull product (regular, sugarfree, energy shot, cola):
A regular Red Bull a day keeps the doctor away.

Favorite time for a Red Bull:
I tend to have a Red Bull between lunch and dinner. It’s like a mid-day snack that just hits the spot.

Favorite thing about your sport:
I have a lot of mixed feelings about Freestyle, but my favorite thing about it is the amount of freedom that comes with being on the bike and being in control of your own attitude/style on the bike. I also love having the power to make a stadium go crazy.

Favorite sport other than your own:
You may find it surprising, but my favorite sport besides motocross is golf right now. I've really grown to appreciate the challenge, dedication and patience it takes for people to be successful.

Favorite celebrity or sports star:
This is probably the toughest topic here. Favorite celebrity or sports star… Hmm. I'd say Will Ferrell, since his movies always put a smile on my face. As for sports stars, my good friend Travis Pastrana has really played an important part in my life and is a great role model for kids, including my own. 

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Favorite people to ride with:
I really enjoy all of the guys who ride FMX. I've spent a lot of years hanging with the Nitro Circus crew, so that’s an obvious choice. Around town here in SoCal it’s kind of a free-for-all. Mostly I focus on my family. When I'm back in my motherland of Florida, I love spending time riding with my younger brothers.

Favorite thing in your house or apartment:
My house has a lot of fun things to do inside and out. I'd be a liar if I didn't say that I probably put the most time in sitting in front of my 73-inch TV with PS3/Wii/Fios TV.

Favorite thing about your life:
Right now my life is awesome. I’m traveling the world with the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour, traveling the country doing my favorite thing (freeriding) with the Red Bull Ronnie Renner Freeride Tour and still trying to win more X Games golds, all while being able to include my family. So grateful!





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