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The Maloof Money Cup hit New York this past weekend -- well, it actually hit Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, that is. Some of the best in skateboarding came out for MMC and its new head-to-head jam format. Heats were four minutes long and judges scored on difficulty of tricks more than anything else.

The semifinal found Red Bull's own Ryan Decenzo up against crowd favorite Greg Lutzka. Lutzka went on to the finals, where his 270 noseblunt beat out Tampa Pro champ Dennis Busenitz.

The Maloof Money Cup will be expanding this year to Washington D.C., Kimberly, South Africa and Orange County, California, so be sure to check it out if you happen to be in the area.

Check out Thrasher's montage of all the best skating from the weekend.

Official results
1. Greg Lutzka $160,000
2. Dennis Busenitz $40,000
3. Ryan Decenzo $15,000
4. Justin Figueroa $15,000
5. Nick Merlino $7,000
6. Jackson Curtin $7,000
7. Collin Provost $7,000
8. Sierra Fellers $7,000
9. Eli Reed $5,000
10. Manny Santiago $5,000
11. Andrew Reynolds $5,000
12. Cory Kennedy $5,000

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