Dungey gets some trackside support at High Point Jeff Kardas/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Just one week after capturing his first victory of the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series in Colorado, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey secured his second-straight overall win with another dominant 1-1 moto performance at the High Point National on Saturday afternoon.

Hosting the fourth round of the series, High Point Raceway, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, is among the favorite tracks on tour, and Dungey showed no mercy on the picturesque circuit as he proved once again why he’s the man in the championship driver’s seat. After battling his way past Mike Alessi in both motos at High Point, Dungey cruised in for two seemingly easy moto wins, extending his championship points lead to 42.

Perhaps the biggest news heading into the weekend, however, was whether or not the injured James Stewart would return to action after his gnarly first-moto crash during last weekend’s Thunder Valley National. Despite nursing a sore hand and wrist, the Red Bull-backed Yoshimura Suzuki rider decided to attempt riding through the pain at High Point, but was unfortunately unable to compete in the second moto after finishing moto one with a gritty fifth-place performance.

Read on for a full moto recap for the Red Bull MX team from the 2012 High Point National…

450 Moto 1

  • The High Point racing program started off with an Alessi holeshot, but Dungey battled his way into the second spot by lap three.
  • Stewart got squeezed just outside of the top-15 as the pack rounded the first turn but remarkably worked his way into tenth by the end of lap one.
  • Dungey followed Alessi around the High Point circuit for five more laps before making a pass stick for the lead on lap eight.
  • Once up front, Dungey continued dropping smooth and consistent lap times en route to a near 20-second victory ahead of Alessi.
  • Doing his best to fight off the pain from his lingering hand and wrist injury, JS7 battled his way into the fifth spot by lap eight.
  • Stewart moved to within striking distance of Andrew Short in fourth toward the latter stages of the moto but was unable to challenge for the position.
  • Holding off Broc Tickle at the checkers, Stewart held tough to finish the opening moto in a pain-stricken fifth.
nullJeff Kardas/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

450 Moto 2

  • With minimal grip strength in his injured hand, Stewart and his team were forced to make the tough decision to sit out of High Point’s second moto.
  • JS7’s return to the series is unknown at this point, but he is determined to get back into racing form as quickly as possible.
  • When the gates dropped to kick off moto number two, Dungey once again got out to a great start but Alessi was all over him on lap one and took over the lead.
  • From there, Alessi pulled away slightly during the first few laps, but Dungey would eventually settle down, find his lines and reel the number 800 back in.
  • On lap 7 of 16, Dungey was able to work his way past Alessi for the lead and pulled away for another impressive victory.
  • The win was Dungey’s fourth-straight moto claim of the series, and he’s quickly opening up a commanding lead in the overall championship points standings.
 1.  Ryan Dungey  1.  Ryan Dungey 1.  Ryan Dungey
 2.  Mike Alessi  2.  Mike Alessi 2.  Mike Alessi
 3.  Jake Weimer  3.  Jake Weimer 3.  Jake Weimer
 4.  Andrew Short  4.  Davi Millsaps 4.  Andrew Short
 5.  James Stewart  5.  Brett Metcalfe 5.  Davi Millsaps
 6.  Broc Tickle  6.  Ryan Sipes 6.  Brett Metcalfe
 7.  Brett Metcalfe  7.  Michael Byrne 7.  Broc Tickle
 8.  Nico Izzi  8.  Andrew Short 8.  Ryan Sipes
 9.  Davi Millsaps  9.  Broc Tickle 9.  Nico Izzi
 10.  Josh Grant 10.  Nico Izzi 10.  Michael Byrne

250 Moto 1

  • The Hondas of Wil Hahn and Justin Barcia got out to quick starts in 250 moto one, with Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin -- who was the quickest qualifier of the day -- and Ken Roczen sitting in fifth and tenth, respectively, at the end of lap one.
  • After jockeying back and forth for position inside the top-ten early on, Roczen would make his way up to the fifth spot by the end of lap six.
  • Despite grinding tooth-and-nail for position inside the top-five for the entire second half of the moto, Roczen eventually finished the race in fifth, with teammate Musquin just behind in sixth.
nullJeff Kardas/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

250 Moto 2

  • Still looking for his first outdoor national moto win in the U.S., Roczen rocketed out to a great start in moto two to take the early lead.
  • After running an incredibly fast pace to lead the first 15 of 16 laps in the moto, Roczen unfortunately tipped over while navigating through lapped traffic, allowing second-place Eli Tomac to take a big chunk out of his lead.
  • Though Roczen held onto the top spot after picking himself up and rejoining the race, the momentum had clearly shifted over to the hard-charging Tomac, who was eventually able to make a pass on the final lap to take the moto win.
  • Still a valiant effort, Roczen’s 5-2 moto scores were good for a solid third-place overall finish at High Point.
  • After a top-five start in moto two, Musquin battled his way to a fourth-place finish to end the day in fifth-place overall.
 1.  Justin Barcia  1.  Eli Tomac 1.  Eli Tomac
 2.  Eli Tomac  2.  Ken Roczen 2.  Justin Barcia
 3.  Blake Baggett  3.  Justin Barcia 3.  Ken Roczen
 4.  Wil Hahn  4.  Marvin Musquin 4.  Blake Baggett
 5.  Ken Roczen  5.  Blake Baggett 5.  Marvin Musquin
 6.  Marvin Musquin  6.  Jason Anderson 6.  Wil Hahn
 7.  Ivan Tedesco  7.  Kyle Cunningham 7.  Ivan Tedesco
 8.  Alex Martin  8.  Gareth Swanepoel 8.  Jason Anderson
 9.  Jake Canada  9.  Wil Hahn 9.  Kyle Cunningham
 10.  Jessy Nelson 10.  Ivan Tedesco 10.  Jessy Nelson


  • The big story heading into the Women’s Motocross class at High Point was the absence of defending champion Ashley Fiolek. After a big crash last week, Fiolek was unable to compete in Pennsylvania due to concussion-like symptoms, but looks to make a healthy return when the WMX series resumes at RedBud on July 7th.
  • Capitalizing on a great start and a crash early on by current series points leader Jessica Paterson, TLD Honda Red Bull’s Tarah Gieger led WMX moto number one wire-to-wire to become the fourth different moto winner of the 2012 series thus far.
  • In moto two, Gieger would once again battle her way into the lead on lap number two, but a tangle with Patterson on lap four led to both women hitting the High Point soil.
  • Unable to get her stalled bike fired back up quickly, Gieger would eventually finish the moto in fifth, with Patterson taking the moto win and overall.
  • Geiger’s 1-5 moto scores were good for second overall honors on the day.
nullJeff Kardas/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.
 1.  Tarah Gieger  1.  Jessica Patterson 1.  Jessica Patterson
 2.  Jessica Patterson  2.  Sayaka Kaneshiro 2.  Tarah Gieger
 3.  Kasie Creson  3.  Mariana Balbi 3.  Sayaka Kaneshiro
 4.  Mariana Balbi  4.  Jacqueline Strong 4.  Mariana Balbi
 5.  Sayaka Kaneshiro  5.  Tarah Gieger 5.  Kasie Creson
 6.  Marissa Markelon  6.  Kasie Creson 6.  Jacqueline Strong
 7.  Jacqueline Strong  7.  Marissa Markelon 7.  Marissa Markelon
 8.  Amanda Brown  8.  Sara Pettersson 8.  Sara Pettersson
 9.  Sara Pettersson  9.  Sade Allender 9.  Amanda Brown
 10.  Alexah Pearson 10.  Alexah Pearson 10.  Sade Allender

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