Ryan Sheckler chills in New York City Jonathan Mehring/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Ryan Sheckler skated into the Dew Tour’s City Championships in San Francisco over the weekend to find many of the urban obstacles he loves to skate assembled into one course for the new Skate Streetstyle contest. Laid out in the middle of a downhill street over three city blocks, the Streetstyle event brought out the best of the 14 skaters on the roster, but it was Sheckler who rose to the top of the podium.

Each skater had four runs to post their best score, but Sheckler did what he needed to do straight out of the gate, putting up a score in his first run that no one was able to touch.

With a great combination of tricks dropped at speed throughout the course, Sheckler stoked out the crowd -- and even himself -- with his run, which included a backside lipslide on a hefty rail and a big 360 launched out of a dumpster.

Sheckler’s Red Bull teammate Ryan Decenzo also had a great time on the course, just missing the podium in fourth.

Torey Pudwill Shines in Street

The Street course featured reproductions of some of San Francisco’s most sessioned skate spots -- iconic set-ups like the Hubba Hideout, China Banks, the 3rd and Army manual pads and the Pier 7 stairs/manual pad.

Torey Pudwill rolled through the semi-final, the first Finals jam and the Super Final with a strong combination of technical tricks and bigger moves, eventually landing in second place between Nyjah Huston and Paul Rodriguez. Torey’s tricks included a backside Smith down the Hubba ledge and a kickflip backside lipslide to fakie on the Pier 7 ledge.

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