Sean Price

As one-half of Heltah Skeltah, Sean Price helped sustain New York’s mid ’90s underground rap renaissance. For his solo material, the Brooklyn artist made a name for himself in the mid 2000s by highlighting that his pockets were flat, not fat. Since then, the man also known as Kimbo Price has become one of rap’s most consistent, snarky independent artists, churning out high quality, lyric-driven material.

When Guilty Simpson reached out to Price to appear on his album, the eventual collaboration led to much more. The just-released, self-titled album from Random Axe teams Price, Simpson and Black Milk for an all-out lyrical and sonic free-for-all.

With his current partners-in-rhyme overseas, the always comical Sean Price sat down with us to give us his Top 5 Collaborations, even though one of them has yet to be recorded -- and he doesn’t have a title for another.

5. “Yet To Be Recorded” by Sean Price featuring Redman

Album: TBD (TBD)

Sean Price: I just spoke to Redman. Redman is my G.O.A.T., Greatest Of All Time. After we cracked jokes on each other for a half an hour, then we finally decided what song we’re going to do. The way we’re talking, we’re going to do a bunch of songs. One is definitely going to be on “Mic Tyson” and one is going to be on his album. Redman’s new album is called “The Grown Man Rapper With No Facial Hair.” I’m just joking.

4. “Chewbacca” by Random Axe

Album: “Random Axe” (2011)

Sean Price: The first thing I wrote on the paper was “Chewbacca.” Then it just all downloaded from there, man. That’s what I do when I have writer’s block. I write the first thing on paper and then start patch-working it. Even on my “Figure 4” song, I wrote Botswana. What did I write that for? After that, everything just started. Plus, I’ve got my boy Roc Marciano on there. That’s a dope record to me. We did it in Detroit. I called Rock and I sent it to him. He knocked it out two days later and sent it back.”

3. “Yet To Be Titled

Album: TBD (TBD)

Sean Price: I did one of the last songs with Professor X from the X Clan. I might put it on my album. I might not. It depends on his estate and family. I don’t want to go through all the bullshit, but we did a nice joint, man. Before he passed, he actually called me and said, ‘I want to start X Clan over and I want you to be my right-hand man.’ I was like, ‘You want me to be the new Brother J? No way.’ I talk too much bullshit to be the next Brother J. I don’t want to deface everything Brother J did. I graciously bowed out of that situation. But rest in peace Professor X.”

2. “Uni-4-Orm” by Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah and Canibus

Album: “Rhyme & Reason Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (1997)

Sean Price: I remember that because that was Canibus’ first time on a professional song, period. He had just got his deal that day and Ras brought him to the studio. We were like, ‘Get him out of here. We ain’t putting him on the song.’ But after a few verses, we were like, ‘Damn. This dude’s nice,’ so we put him on the record. Canibus is my G.”

1. “Brownsville II Long Beach” by Heltah Skeltah featuring Tha Dogg Pound

Album: “Magnum Force” (1998)

Sean Price: That was an interesting studio session, man. I’m not going to get into it because my man Tray Deee, he’s in jail right now. He’s trying to come home on parole and I don’t want to say nothing that a stupid-ass would read and be like, ‘Stay here.’ I also remember Ray J being in the studio. Ray J was very young then and he smoked us out in the studio. I ain’t gonna lie. He had the smoke. Daz laid the beat. It was very dope, man.

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