The world’s top skate and BMX athletes tore through Salt Lake City over the weekend for the latest stop on the Dew Tour, and with just one round left to determine the championship titles, the action was intense.

Coming out on top in Skate Vert was Shaun White, his second consecutive victory on the Tour. And he didn’t exactly just squeak through, either, throwing one of the best runs anyone’s seen in a long time, maybe ever. Shaun got tech with plenty of height, throwing fakie-to-fakie 540s, a heelflip into a 720 and, of course, his signature armadillo (frontside heel-flip body varial 540). Shaun scored an impressive 94.75 to win, more than four points higher than Pierre-Luc Gagnon.

Sandro Dias just barely missed the final five-man jam, but still blasted huge alley-oop 540s and his signature gnar-jar to finish in sixth place. Sandro now sits in fourth in the Tour’s overall standings, just ahead of Shaun in fifth.

SLC Skate Vert Results
1. Shaun White, 94.75
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, 90.50
3. Bucky Lasek, 88.25
4. Andy Macdonald, 83.50
5. Bob Burnquist, 63.00

Current Tour Standings
1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon 272 pts
2. Bucky Lasek 236
3. Andy MacDonald 234
4. Sandro Dias 214
5. Shaun White 200

In Skate Street, a tooth-and-nail battle went down between Chaz Ortiz and Greg Lutzka, with Ryan Sheckler taking a few uncharacteristic falls in the final jam that held him to third. Ryan Decenzo nabbed his highest finish on the Tour this year, landing in fifth. Decenzo now sits in sixth in the overall standings, with Sheckler (pictured below with Daniel Dhers and their 2007 overall trophies) holding down the number three spot. 

null Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

SLC Skate Street Results
1. Chaz Ortiz, 89.25
2. Greg Lutzka, 88.90
3. Ryan Sheckler, 84.55
4. Paul Rodriguez, 83.55
5. Ryan Decenzo, 81.63
6. Carlos de Andrade, 78.33

Current Tour Standings
1. Greg Lutzka 280 pts
2. Chaz Ortiz 264
3. Ryan Sheckler 248
4. Paul Rodriguez 240
5. Bastien Salabanzi 204
6. Ryan Decenzo 172

In BMX Park, Daniel Dhers earned a solid third, unable to topple the on-fire Dennis Enarson, who won both the Park and Dirt events in Salt Lake City. Dhers took his crazy smooth 720s over the box and the spine, along with wild frontflips over the spine to land on the podium. He still holds a comfortable lead in the overall standings, and he’ll roll into Las Vegas next month looking to land his fourth championship title.

SLC BMX Park Results
1. Dennis Enarson, 93.25
2. Garrett Reynolds, 91.25
3. Daniel Dhers, 90.50
4. Scotty Cranmer, 89.50
5. Brian Hunt, 89.50

Current Tour Standings
1. Daniel Dhers 272 pts
2. Garrett Reynolds 232
3. Mark Webb 212
4. Mike Spinner 208
5. Andy Buckworth 186



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