Ryan Sheckler jumping a cab

Red Bull skater Ryan Sheckler looks at the world differently than most people. In his travels through New York City, he has always wanted to skate across the Manhattan Bridge into Chinatown and, finally, the famed Lower East Side skatepark.

He recently got a chance to live out (and document) that dream with the help of GoPro. He documented the day in an amazing three-minute video to promote the launch of GoPro's new Wi-Fi BacPAc and Wi-Fi Remote. Check it out below:

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Sheckler in a statement. “To skate through a part of New York City that thousands of people ride through every week, feeling the energy of one of the original stomping grounds of street skating."

The video was shot with 50 GoPro cameras stationed along the path (and under his board). Sheckler activated the cameras remotely as he passed. The results are incredible and have us pining for more -- which may be on the way.

"I’m already thinking of my next project," Sheckler said, "and hopefully this inspires other people to realize and document their own creative ideas.”

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