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A total of 7,100 photos of fans, their pets, children, and -- uh -- interests -- are now featured on the No. 83 and No. 4 Red Bull Toyotas as well as the team’s pit wall for Red Bull Shutter Speed. At this Sunday’s race in Charlotte, Brian Vickers and Kasey Kahne will race their vehicles decorated front-to-back in fan memorabilia for 600 miles around the speedway.

Super fans didn’t have to wait until Sunday to check out the vehicles since they were able to get an up close and personal look before they hit the track at Friday’s Red Bull Racing Fan Day at the team’s race shop in Mooresville.

“It’s pretty awesome,” explains Vickers. “Just the reception from everyone -- from the industry to the fans -- I’m on there and I’m excited about it. I’m in the car every week and I’m excited about being on the race car.”

Race Car to Face Car

Nearly 1,000 racing buffs made their way to Mooresville, North Carolina to the Red Bull Racing Team race shop, several of them camping out through the night’s storm just to get the first glimpse of the cars and gain access to meet the drivers.

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Race fans from across the country, as well as locals, were thrilled to locate their pictures on the cars at the fan day. “I think it’s a great idea!” says Red Bull Racing fan Amanda Bajos. “It’s really neat to be able to put the fans on the car like this.”

Racing enthusiasts were able to become a part of the race experience through Red Bull Shutter Speed by submitting their photos to Red Bull Racing’s website. The digital mock-ups of the decorated vehicles will remain live on the site for fans to continue to visit the pics that ended up on the vehicles.

“You can keep your eye on where you are on the car while you’re watching the race and really be a part of it,” explains Kahne. “And then go back to the website the next week and find your picture again on there.”

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