Smashing Pumpkins Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Media House

Did that just happen? Did Smashing Pumpkins just play to a couple hundred fans until 2 a.m.? Okay, it was a little more than a couple hundred, but not much more. And did this all happen on Billy Corgan's birthday? When does something like what just happened ever happen?

The answer: never again, probably.

The few hundred who did get into the final show of Red Bull Sound Select’s 120 Hours in Austin got to witness one of the most influential bands in the history of rock tear through a ferocious 90-minute set.

Often with a smile on his face, Corgan and company crushed an endless string of hits: 'Cherub Rock,' 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings,' 'Zero,' and 'Ava Adore.' There were quiet moments -- 'Disarm,' 'Tonight, Tonight' and 'Oceania,' off the Pumpkins' latest album -- but Corgan's guitars ruled the night.

The opening bands set the tone early, starting with Austin shoegazers Ringo Deathstar, San Antonio bluesy rock trio Girl in a Coma, and The Sword, which offered a healthy dose of head-banging and heavy metal riff porn.

The night served as the closer of five nights of incredible music, from California rockers Beach Party and Best Coast to hip-hop hopeful Show You Suck and legends like The Geto Boys and Master P.

Smashing Pumpkins finished what all of those groups had started.

And that also ends Red Bull Sound Select's 120 Hours in Austin. Be sure to check out the Red Bull Sound Select SoundCloud channel to listen to live sets from the week. It's been fun. Now for some sleep. Thank you, Austin. Good night! (Er, good morning.)

nullMarv Watson/Red Bull Media House
Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Media House
nullMarv Watson/Red Bull Media House
nullMarv Watson/Red Bull Media House
nullCarlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House
nullCarlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House

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