Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary Album

Snoop Dogg hosted a private listening event at Capitol Records in Hollywood February 18 to preview and explain the making of his forthcoming Doggumentary album. The collection, Snoop’s eleventh studio album, is due in stores March 29.

Although this album was originally slated to be a sequel of sorts to his landmark debut release, 1993’s Doggystyle, Snoop had a change of plans while recording.

“The reason why I chose Doggumentary for the title of my record is because it was more of a documentary that I was actually doing at the time of making my record,” Snoop said at the event. “It was like I was documenting my career, my music, my videos, the whole nine. So instead of calling it Documentary, I said, ‘You know what, let me put the two Gs on ‘em and call it the Doggumentary to make it more the way I do me.’ So, I just took that and enhanced as opposed to trying to recreate Doggystyle Part 2, trying to do something that could not be done.

Snoop Dogg - Wet (music video)

But Snoop still gives Doggumentary a classic feel. As a descendant of the funk, Snoop said it was natural to feature his mentor Bootsy Collins on the album’s intro track, “Toyz N Da Hood.

“Bootsy is like, in hip-hop, my father because he’s always one who leads and guides and directs me in the appropriate manner,” Snoop says. “He’s always had love for me in creating Snoopy Collins in his likeness. Just me being a part of the funk mothership connection, they had the P-Funk. We have the G-Funk. It’s all one baton being passed from one hand to the other.

Snoop has a similar connection with producer Battlecat. The two have worked extensively throughout the years and Battlecat produced “The Way Life Used To Be” and “Wonder What I Do” on the new album.

Battlecat is one of my personal friends and one of my personal favorites when it comes to making real, traditional West Coast music

“Battlecat is one of my personal friends and one of my personal favorites when it comes to making real, traditional West Coast music that sounds similar to that funk like Roger Troutman, George Clinton,” says Snoop, who will appear March 17 with the Snoopadelics and Ghostland Observatory at the Red Bull Soundclash: South Padre Island.

“Battlecat, I can give him an idea and for him to take the idea and just flip it and make it what’s it’s supposed to be, it’s a beautiful thing when you can find somebody that can take your visuals. We’re really cut from the same cloth. We can talk about three different tracks and I can say, ‘I want this part, this part and this part,’ and he’ll figure out how to time it all out and make it all work where it feels good and it’s complimentary to my voice so I feel right in the pocket and it sounds like it’s supposed to sound.

Other Doggumentary tracks include “My Own Way,” “Peer Pressure,” “Wet” and “My House,” which features Young Jeezy and E-40.

“This is something that’s original, creative and diverse,” Snoop says of his new album. “It’s just me doing me.”

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