Red Bull: Snoop Dogg Top 5 Songs

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When rapper and producer Dr. Dre introduced the pride of Long Beach, CA to the mainstream back in the early nineties -- Snoop Dogg became an instant household name.

Snoop's debut album, “Doggystyle” went quadruple platinum and to this day is hailed by many as one of the top rap albums of all-time.

His diverse portfolio boasts collaborations with everyone from the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur to mainstream pop sensation Katy Perry and just about everyone in between.

Recent releases include his tenth studio album “Malice n Wonderland and More Malice” and his 2011 release “Doggumentary” which features the hit single “Wet” which has become an instant classic.

With Snoop Dogg set to headline Red Bull Soundclash: South Padre Island we’re sharing our favorite Snoop Dogg tracks of all time:

5. Gin & Juice

4. Midnight Love

3. Drop it like It’s Hot

2. Wet

1. Doggystyle

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