Sony PlayStation booth at GDC 2012

Sony released a video a couple of days ago that sent gamers guessing. The video revealed there would be PlayStation news coming on February 20 at an event in New York City. The hashtag was #playstation2013.

What exactly would be released? Sony didn't say in the video or on its blog.

The optimistic mind turns immediately to the PlayStation 4. Gaming pundits have been expecting the PS4's launch at the E3 Expo this summer -- which is when Xbox is expected to show the successor to the 360 -- but Sony has had a tradition of unveiling consoles at similar meetings in the past.

"The last time Sony held a Playstation event, in January 2011, it presented a protoype of its handheld Vita console," wrote Reuters. "Before that, it convened a gathering in 2005 two months after it first demonstrated the PS3 concept. A meeting in 1999 revealed designs for the PS2."

It has been six years since Sony released the PlayStation 3, which did not exactly take the world by storm at launch. Sony improved the system with subsequent slim and super slim models. But the anticipation over the past year or so has been for the fourth PlayStation model. That wait could be almost over.

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