Ozomatli at Red Bull Soundclash Dallas Mike Arzt/Red Bull Photofiles

At Red Bull Soundclash in Dallas, Los Angeles rock band Ozomatli went up against Talib Kweli at the Palladium Ballroom. We took the opportunity to throw a question at the members of Ozomatli to find out a little more about their roots in the City of Angels.

One Question:
How does the city of Los Angeles influence you and your music?

Ulises Bella The influence LA has is immeasurable to us. The gumbo of culture and art from all the unique ethnicities in the city has offered us the fodder for our creative process.
-Ulises Bella
Raul Pacheco It has every sound, and I like every sound. You can get a glimpse of the world outside of L.A. by just cruising the streets. It all influences me.
-Raul Pacheco
Asdru Sierra Los Angeles is a melting pot for music in the musician's community as much as it is for the general population. With the mesh of cultures, you can not only see, but HEAR where we all meet and cross, and meet again, with similarities and fusion of all the cultures as a collective.
-Asdru Sierra
Wil-Dog Abers L.A. has one of the biggest immigrant populations from all over the world. When you drive through the different neighborhoods in L.A., you'll hear Armenian, hip-hop, Norteño, North African/middle eastern and Indian music, to name a few. Ozomatli represents that diversity in L.A. and brings it back to the peeps of the world.
-Wil-Dog Abers
Justin Poree Los Angeles is such a diverse and vibrant city. Every neighborhood has its own flavor when it comes to music. You can drive down a street like Figueroa from Inglewood all the way to Highland Park and you will hear all types of music blasting from windows and rides. You will hear hip-hop when you pass Slauson, Cumbia when you get down to 40th street, maybe some Garifuna when you're down by 23rd and all the way back to oldies once you pass Ave 50. Its just a huge mix of all types of grooves and this is what Ozomatli set out to do from its first downbeat at Peace and Justice Center.
-Justin Poree



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