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Chingy is taking an interesting approach to his return to the music game. The man who rode hit singles “Right Thurr,” “Holidae In” and “One Call Away” to triple platinum success is not worrying about a release date for his fifth album. Instead, the St. Louis rapper is more concerned with gaining traction for his two new singles, “Super Hero” and “Paperman.”

“I need to get people back familiar with Chingy, back familiar with my music,” he says. “I need to bring awareness to the music, to the singles. That’s kind of why I’m not really worried about the album. I want to drop these singles and build up the momentum for the album. Once I feel like I’ve got that, I’ll be ready to drop the album.”

“Paperman” has a decidedly club, trap sound and style, while “Super Hero” has a vibe similar to “One Call Away.” Produced by Wysh Master and featuring crooner Chris Woodhouse on the chorus, “Super Hero” features Chingy talking about taking care of his lady, rescuing her from any danger she may face and treating her well. (He’s also using the tune to help launch his Hero In The Hallways initiative, which will work with schools to try to help reduce bullying.

Music for the Women

Chingy has had tremendous success with similar songs before. But his reason for making this type of song is about more than seeking sales.

“I always cater to women in my music because I just love women,” he says. “There’s a side of me that’s passionate about being with a woman. Something I learned from the late, great 2Pac is make your music for the women and the fellas will follow.”

With its harder beat and braggadocio rhymes, “Paperman” will likely gain more traction with male listeners, giving him two songs he’s pushing simultaneously to two different audiences. Taking a two-pronged approach with “Super Hero” and “Paperman” and focusing on singles rather than an album is a luxury Chingy can pursue now that he’s releasing music on his own Full Dekk Music Group.

It may be a risky promotional strategy, but it ties in perfectly with the title of Chingy’s forthcoming album, “No Risk No Reward 13.”

“It’s a motivational quote to inspire kids and people to do better than what they have been doing,” he says. “They don’t have to stay in the same place and settle for the same things in life. They don’t have to stay in the same parameters of life that are drawn around them. In order to expand and reach goals and achieve greatness, they have to be willing to do different things. They have to risk not being in the cool crowd, risk not doing what’s in, but staying focused on what they want to be. If you can do that, then you receive the reward, which is true success.”

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