Team Status Quo in Dallas for the 2011 MLG kickoff Astro Gaming

The addition of Ian “Enable” Wyatt to the Red Bull Gaming line-up last summer certainly turned heads in the world of professional gaming, and last week’s announcement that the remaining players of Enable’s team, Status Quo, would get their wings as well only served to fuel the team’s momentum. Status Quo celebrated with an overall win at the kickoff of the 2011 professional gaming season in Dallas over the weekend.

“Of course I’m really excited that my entire team is sponsored!” explains Enable. “I’m happy we all get to share the spotlight this season and represent a brand we all love.” All of Status Quo attended the most recent Red Bull LAN in Santa Monica last summer and it was there the team trained right before their audacious second-place finish at the 2010 national finals.


To their moms, they’re Michael Chaves, Aaron Elam, Clete LoRusso, and Ian Wyatt. But to everyone else they’re Flamesword, Ace, Assault, and Enable – four of the scene’s most dominant players. With 50 professional gaming events amongst them and a second-place national finish under their belts, these guys are ready to take this year by storm and take advantage of their teamwork to bring forth their A-game.

"I want to have our team set the record for the one that has stood together the longest.” -Flamesword

“Usually, everyone just wants to take first place as their major goal,” says Flamesword. “But personally, I want to have our team set the record for the one that has stood together the longest.”

Luckily for Flamesword, everyone else’s major goal isn’t one they have to worry about. After a rocky start to the weekend, the team was able to run their way through the winner’s bracket straight to the championship finals.

Holding a 3-2 lead over their competitors due to continuation play, Status Quo won the next three straight games in the best of 11 series, bringing them their first overall championship win. The team’s next professional gaming competition will take place from June 3- 5 in Columbus, Ohio.

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