Felix Bumgartner Space Dive on National Geographic

When Felix Baumgartner embarked on the Red Bull Stratos mission to jump from the edge of space, a crew of filmmakers from the BBC and Red Bull Media House decided to follow the 43-year-old Austrian's every move. The result is 'Space Dive,' a heart-stopping film that documents Baumgartner's long and heroic journey.

Co-produced by the BBC, Red Bull Media House and the National Geographic Channel, 'Space Dive' premieres on the National Geographic channel at 7 p.m. (ET/PT) on Sunday, November 11. 

The documentary tells the whole story, from Felix's rather less-complicated B.A.S.E.-jumping years and the early planning stages of Red Bull Stratos, to the impact that the supersonic free fall is having on aeorspace safety, space suit technology, and protocols for exposure to supersonic speeds.

nullJay Nemeth/Red Bull Media House

As well as all the heavy science, record-breaking statistics and poignant backstories, 'Space Dive' is also another chance to be blown clean away by Baumgarter's fearless determination to realize his dream, and to relive what's sure to remain one of the most iconic real-life adventures of all time.

'Space Dive' might even convince a few more people that Baumgartner is a worthy (nay, shoo-in) winner of the National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year Award, which he's nominated for alongside Red Bull-backed climber David Lama and kayaker Steve Fisher.


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