Jamie OBrien in Teahupoo Tim McKenna/Red Bull Photofiles

With less than a month left until the 40th annual SURFER Poll, SURFER Magazine has officially announced the Video Award nominees, and Red Bull surfers have earned their way into just about every category.

Twenty-six feature-length films are currently in the running and the SURFER staff has been poring over footage non-stop for weeks. "The volume of potential nominees in each category was overwhelming this year," says SURFER's Editor-at-Large, Joel Patterson.

"The whole SURFER staff spent weeks watching films, debating their merits, and creating a list of nominees. With so many incredible films this year, just making it onto the nominee list is like an award unto itself."

The nominees in each category are:

Best Maneuver
- Jamie O'Brien (Who is J.O.B.?)
- Flynn Novak (High-5)
- Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
- Mitch Coleborn (Modern Collective)
- Jordy Smith (Modern Collective)
- Dion Agius (Modern Collective)

Worst Wipeout
- Aamion Goodwin & Cody Graham (The Arena)
- Dane Reynolds (Scratching the Surface)
- Ian Walsh (Scratching the Surface)
- Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
- Derek Dunfee (Down with the Ship)

Digital Short of the Year
- Dark Side of the Lens by Allan Wilson & Mickey Smith
- Lino by Karim Rejeb
- Innersection: Peter Devries by Jeremy Koreski
- Cypher Vision by Jamie Tierney
- Innersection: Ozzie Wright by Jimmy Kinnard

Best Barrel (Watch Nominees Here)
- Andy Irons, Desert Point (High-5)
- Andy Irons, Costa Rica (High-5)
- Jamie O'Brien, Backdoor (Who is J.O.B.?)
- Jamie O'Brien, Desert Point (Who is J.O.B.?)
- Brian Conley (My Eyes Won't Dry III)

Heavy Water
- Jamie O'Brien (Who is J.O.B.?)
- Derek Dunfee (Down with the Ship)
- Fergal Smith (High-5)
- Brian Conley (My Eyes Won't Dry III)

Best Performance (Watch Nominees Here)
- Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
- Jordy Smith (Modern Collective)
- Andy Irons (High-5)
- Dane Reynolds (Seen/Unseen)
- Jamie O'Brien (Who is J.O.B.?)

Breakthrough Performer
- Owen Wright
- Craig Anderson
- Jadson Andre
- Chippa Wilson

Best Cinematography
- Scratching the Surface
- Idiosyncrasies
- Who Is J.O.B.?
- 180 South
- Castles in the Sky

Best Documentary
- Going Vertical
- Stoked & Broke
- Idiosyncrasies
- Sea of Darkness
- God Went Surfing with the Devil
- The Westsiders

Movie of the Year
- Who Is J.O.B.?
- Modern Collective
- Sea of Darkness
- Seen/Unseen
Scratching the Surface

A judging "academy" comprised of staffers, industry experts, filmmakers, and unbiased eyes will watch the nominees and vote on the winners.

The 40th annual SURFER Poll and Video Awards presented by Samsung and Verizon Wireless will be held on Monday, December 6, 2010, at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore. Attendance is by invitation only, but be sure to catch all of the behind-the-scenes and red carpet exclusives along with the event via the live webcast at Surferpoll.com beginning at 7 p.m. Hawaiian time.





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