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At only 25 years old, Tarah Gieger already owns a strong legacy in the motocross world. She has countless podiums on her resume, including a gold medal at the very first X Games Women's Moto X event. And any of you guys who think you could take her had better think twice; Tarah's survived a shattered pelvis and a broken neck, so she's tough enough - and skilled enough - to leave you in the dust.

She's not all broken bones and dirt, though - she's got a soft spot for dogs and would probably rather be in a bikini than a full set of gear. She let us in on her faves recently so we can get a better glimpse of what's behind the goggles...

Favorite movie:
V for Vendetta. Comedies come and go in my life, but I always love to watch this movie.

Favorite book:
I really like reading all of Dan Brown's books.

Favorite TV show:
The Office, hands down. I have to watch at least an hour of it every day I'm home.

I could eat pudding for every meal of the day if it weren’t frowned upon.

Favorite magazine:
Velo News. It's a cycling magazine.

Favorite song or artist:
"Flux" by Bloc Party.

Favorite animal:
Dog. I don’t like traveling, only because I can't have a dog since I’m never home.

Favorite color:
Purple. It goes well with black, which is my second favorite color.

Favorite holiday:
Christmas. I like wearing sweet Christmas sweaters

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Favorite tech gadget:
iPhone. The 3Gs one.

Favorite thing to eat:
Chocolate pudding. I could eat pudding for every meal of the day if it weren’t frowned upon.

Favorite thing to wear:
Bikini. When you’re wearing a bikini, you know you’re having a good time.

Favorite place to be:
My house, just chilling. No better place.

Favorite way to indulge or treat/reward yourself:
Oreo milkshake from Chik-fil-A.

Favorite times to get up/go to bed:
I get up when the sun is up and go to bed when the sun goes down.

Favorite thing to spend money on:
Toys. I just bought a stand-up jet ski and I have been tearing it up. 

null Tarah Gieger/Red Bull

Favorite thing to do in your free time:
Ride my jet ski.

Favorite Red Bull product (regular, sugarfree, energy shot, cola):
Red Bull original. It's the best.

Favorite time for a Red Bull:
Walking out the door in the morning.

Favorite thing about your sport:
Getting away from everyone and just riding my bike.

Favorite sport other than your own:
Surfing. It's what all my family does and we can share that together. 

null Jimmy Wilson

Favorite celebrity or sports star:
Kelly Slater. He just won his tenth world title and he is the oldest guy out there.

Favorite people to ride with:
My friends. We can just go out and have a blast every time.

Favorite thing in your house or apartment:
The sofa. It's my sanctuary.

Favorite thing about your life:
The people I get to meet traveling the world.





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