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Terry Adams is a master of promoting BMX flatland riding and has wrangled countless mainstream media appearances around the world, with TV spots including Master of Champions and The Ellen Degeneres Show. He’s at it again, this time in the feature show Glee, which you can catch directly after the Super Bowl on Sunday on Fox.

Terry Adams Fast Facts

  • Born August 9, 1983 in Hammond, Louisiana
  • Started riding at 12; turned pro at 16
  • Earned a gold medal at the Asian X Games in 2005
  • Two-time NORA Cup award winner for Flatlander of the Year

We chatted with Terry about filming for Glee while he was hanging out on the set of a new Mark Wahlberg movie, where his wife Vanessa is putting in work as an extra – sounds like these two are laying the foundation to become the next Hollywood power couple…

Terry Adams Glee Q&A

How was working on Glee different than the TV appearances you’ve done before?
This was more like a movie set; we filmed the scene over 150 times throughout the course of the day, like 15 hours on set doing it over and over and over. It was crazy. I was a very small piece of this big, extravagant scene.

How much riding do you think we’ll see?
It’s hard to tell, the preview clips just have flashes of all the riders. It was basically a choreographed dance, even with the riders. We had Xs marked on the ground where we’d have to do a couple tricks and then move to a different spot. We had to dodge dancers the whole time.

How much time did they spend teaching the choreography?
There was another day where the other riders who were local had a rehearsal, but since I’m in Louisiana, I couldn’t make the rehearsal. They brought me up to speed when I got there, and I just sort of followed the path of the other riders and did the best I could.

Were there any surprises during the filming, anything you didn’t expect?
I guess it would be not realizing that a two-minute scene would take that many times to film to get the winning one, whether it was for different angles, lights, or sometimes they didn’t feel there was enough energy...

Did you get to do a little dancing or only riding?
It was all just riding, but it kind of felt like I was dancing.

Was there any goofing off between takes?
Not really, to be honest. It was pretty much a full workday; they were super strict. We had wardrobe from our t-shirts to our shoes, people wiping our sweat off between each take… They custom-painted all of our bikes so they’d be the same color, matching the cheerleader’s uniforms. Of course I wanted to run some sponsor stickers or wear a Red Bull hat, but everything was off-limits.

Was there any love going on between you and the ladies on the show?
There’s a girl on the show named Brittany, she’s hilarious; she says all these awkward things. I wasn’t a fan of the show before, but when I found out I was going to be on it, I started watching it with my wife. [Brittany’s] the whole reason I watch the show, really, so I got a photo with her. I probably could have talked to any one of them, but I didn’t want to be aggravating, so I just stuck to the ones that I really wanted to meet.

null Terry Adams

Do you want to do more appearances like this?
I’d like to. I enjoy doing shows like Glee and Ellen because it’s an awesome way to showcase flatland since we were pulled from the X Games TV stuff in 2004. My goal has always been to get flatland in the mainstream media, so doing TV appearances like this makes me really happy.

What’s on your schedule now?
I got asked to ride at the Laureus Sports Awards, but I’m not sure if it’s happening yet. Sometime in February, I’m heading out to California to film an exclusive edit for Odyssey, and in March I’ll be going to the CFO flatland contest in Toronto. I’ll be heading to the JoMoPro contest in April in Joplin, Missouri, then to France for the Ninja Spin contest. All of those are part of the Flatland World Circuit, so I’ll be hitting them to keep my points up. Other than that, I’ll be flying all over the place doing Red Bull demos.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Dude, I’m looking at Mark Wahlberg right now, he’s like ten feet from me. I’m fanning out a little bit.

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