Terry Adams in Florida Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

BMX pro flatlander Terry Adams plans to raise money for the recent devastation that swept Japan by raffling off the bike he used for his appearance on the Glee TV show and Odyssey’s “Painting with Terry” video, along with the 85 jersey, painter pants and Etnies RVM shoes he wore in the video.

Terry Adams has performed on TV programs like The Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC’s Master Of Champions and more recently on Glee, which aired during halftime of the Super Bowl in February (see video clip below).

“I always get stoked to promote my sponsors in crazy and unique ways in the media,” Terry says. “Also, it's rad to put flatland in the mainstream as well, so it's a double whammy for me”.

Be it an exotic photo shoot riding on top of an airplane wing for a magazine or filming a video part riding underwater in a swimming pool, Terry’s always up to something that’s over the top.

In collaboration with his component sponsor Odyssey, Terry wanted to do something on a much bigger scale to help out Japan.

“After watching on all the horrible footage from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami hit, I was heartbroken,” Terry confessed. “I have been traveling to Japan since 2002 for flatland contests and have tons of Japanese friends there as well. It made me sick to my stomach to see how bad things are there right now. Japan will have a long road ahead of them, so anything we can do to help, we need to do it!”

How To Donate

Donate at the Odyssey website, where all the money goes toward the relief effort. For every dollar you donate, you’ll receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win the prize package. The more you donate, the higher your chances are of winning.

“My thoughts go out to all the Japanese people,” Terry continued. “It is very rough times out there and many lives have been lost. I will be praying for Japan every day. I have so much hope that they can and will bounce back from this horrible natural disaster."

"I have heard a lot of great feedback so far from the raffle, but now is the time to take action. Japan needs our help, so go buy a few tickets! It's going to a great cause!”


In the meantime, Terry just finished competing in the JoMoPro contest this past weekend in Joplin, Missouri, where he took first place. “Right now I am so stoked about winning that contest,” he said. “I trained super hard for two weeks before the event, so I feel like it really paid off. Also the level of riding at the contest was just insane, so I’m stoked to just have made it into the finals!”

The JomoPro event was the first stop of the Flatland World Circuit and the first stop of the U.S. Flatland Circuit, which puts Terry in the lead for both series, a great way to kick off the contest season.

Follow Terry and Red Bull on Twitter for the latest news and info.



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