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When he’s not busy traveling all over the world competing and winning flatland contests, Terry Adams is hustlin’ and creating exciting ways to push his BMX flatland abilities. For the past few years, Terry has been doing solo college demo tours. He travels to schools throughout the country and performs in front of random student audiences.

When he’s not doing that, he’s making TV show appearances and coming up with original ways to promote and push the sport he loves. Recently, Terry flew out to Portland to do some college demos and film a special riding video with pro street rider and filmer, Ben Hucke.

Prior to the trip, Terry had never met Hucke; flatland and street riders don’t typically pedal together -- not because they don’t like each other but because they’re doing two totally different types of riding.

Terry recently flew out to Portland to do some college demos and film a special riding video with pro street rider Ben Hucke.

That didn’t hinder the two from getting along and collecting some really great footage. Hucke’s perspective on riding and filming only made for an exciting and refreshing new way to view flatland.

“Hanging out with Terry was rad,” said Hucke. “I’ve never filmed flat before, but with my spots and his moves we came up with some cool lines and had a lot of fun. I never thought street and flatland riders could actually cruise around and shred spots together but we proved that thought wrong… Good times.” The duo spent three full days clocking footy around Portland.

To promote it, they put up fliers listing Terry’s Twitter handle so riders and people who wanted to watch and follow his stops could just add him on Twitter to see where he would be riding for the day.

“Being able to ride with the locals was a real treat,” Adams pointed out. “I was also very stoked to meet Ben Hucke and film with him, since I was a fan of his riding.”

The following web video is an edit they released shortly after Terry’s visit, containing all the highlights from his riding sessions. The last clip is a new trick for Terry and a definite must-see -- it’s a called a half-cab, half-whip to half-lash, check it out!

Terry plans on doing shows all year long on pretty random dates, along with a month-long tour of demos starting in mid-August. To find out where he’ll be heading next, stay tuned to his Twitter feed and his website.

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