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Terry Adams has spent years -- well over half his life -- dedicated to honing his skills in BMX flatland, and the hard work he’s put in has definitely come with its rewards, from contest wins and industry awards to opportunities that have taken him around the world. He doesn’t take any of it for granted; in addition to continuing to put the time in to stay sharp on the bike, he seeks out as many ways as he can find to put his sport in the spotlight, hoping to grow flatland and have a great time doing it.

Terry is out on the road so often that you may have even caught one of the many demos he’s done around the country, but if not, we’ve assembled five of his best video clips so you can see him in action right here, right now.

Trans World Sport Profile

In case you don’t know much about Terry, this profile that Trans World Sport put together on a trip to Terry’s native Hammond, Louisiana will give you a good idea of what he’s all about.


Chicago Waterfront

Here we have Terry, some slow-motion riding footage, and the waterfront at North Ave. beach in front of the Chicago skyline. What more do you need?


Odyssey Edit with Aaron Ross

Terry’s all about getting as many eyes on flatland riding as possible, so he’s always down to do a little outside-the-box thinking when it comes to web edits. Here, he hooks up with Odyssey teammate Aaron Ross to create a one-of-a-kind street/flatland edit.


Street-inspired Flatland Edit

Along the same lines as the above video, Terry inspired a lot of views for this Dan's Comp team clip by taking his flatland skills to the streets and adapting some of his tricks to a handful of traditional street-riding obstacles.


Section from “Dreams”

Terry and his long-time riding buddy Mickey Gaidos spent long hours putting together the 2008 bio film “Dreams.” Documenting Terry’s love for flatland, “Dreams” shows both the work that he puts in behind the scenes as well as the rewards he’s been able to experience, traveling around the world doing what he loves every day. Check out one of the sections from the DVD:


Follow Terry and Red Bull on Twitter for more news and info.



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