Travis Rice and Nicolas Muller sign autographs for fans Justin Jay/Red Bull Content Pool

The summer’s most anticipated movie didn’t star Chris Evans or Megan Fox, wasn’t directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and definitely didn’t feature transforming robots with post traumatic stress disorder. Instead, the summer of 2011 will be remembered by snow -- heaps upon heaps of snow -- in the form of “The Art of FLIGHT,” the latest documentary from Red Bull Media House.

Starring Travis Rice, John Jackson, Nicolas Muller, Mark Landvik and several of their snowboarding friends, “The Art of FLIGHT” began it’s hype in early 2011 with one of the most amazing movie trailers ever produced. Since then, snowboarders and action sports enthusiasts alike marked the date of the movie’s release on iTunes and wished for an early winter.

On the Red Carpet

Last night, the world premiere of the movie dropped in the center of the universe better known as New York City, occupying the Beacon Theatre with snowboarding’s best as well as Hollywood stars -- including Justin Timberlake.

By all accounts, the premiere impressed the audience as they watched Travis push the envelope by performing tricks on some of the most remote mountains around the world. They saw him endure the elements, ride through avalanches, and experience the highs and lows associated with trekking the globe for spots to snowboard.

null Justin Jay/Red Bull Content Pool

The Art of FLIGHT Movie

Directed by Curt Morgan, the movie is now available for download on iTunes for $7.99 and $9.99 in HD.

“This is one of the most breathtaking documentaries I have ever seen,” said Daniel Wright, who purchased the movie. “The locations, the shots and the intensity that this film brings to the table is immense. This truly does change snowboarding.”

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