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The Foo Fighters -- one of the most iconic bands in the modern era -- have released six memorable albums and a countless amount of smash records over the past two decades. As the group officially enters a new decade with their latest studio offering 'Wasting Light' and documentary 'Back And Forth,' it's clear the collective doesn't have any plans of slowing down. They're only speeding up.

But let's not forget that the Foo Fighters have also dropped some creative and humorous videos since their inception back in 1994. With that said, we reflect on the five best music videos the rock band has ever produced.

Big Me

In the early '90s, Mentos -- a.k.a. 'The Freshmaker' -- were the coolest mint candy around because it was tasty and, upon ingestion, triggered alternative solutions for people to get out of sticky situations. Well, at least that's what the candy company portrayed in their glitzy commercials.

For their second music video, 'Big Me,' the Foo Fighters cleverly parodied the Mentos commercials to a tee. Upon taking a 'Footos' mint -- a.k.a. 'The Fresh Fighter' -- folks were able to find the answers to their respective problems and successfully put them into motion.

Some of these creative resolutions include a woman having the band lift her car out of a parking space that became sandwiched between two vehicles, front man Dave Grohl entering a limo and exiting the other side to make it across the street during rush hour traffic, and a middle school kid sneaking past a mustache-loving security guard and performing alongside the Foo Fighters.

The good news is 'Big Me' won Best Group Video at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. As for the bad news, 'Footos' candy hasn't been seen since.


Dreams can be quite powerful, but when two individuals can communicate on an unconscious level during their sleep and rescue one another in their visions -- then that’s a superpower. That brilliant concept embodies 'Everlong.'

As two disguised henchmen (later revealed to be guitarist Pat Smear and bassist Nate Mendel) invade the home of a sleeping couple (who happens to be Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins, who portrays the wife), the couple's worst fears play out in an outlandish dream sequence.

In Grohl's dream, he pictures the henchmen stalking his wife at a house party and uses the power of his freakishly growing pimp hand to save her. Meanwhile, in Hawkins's dream, he (or she?) is stuck inside a cabin and desperately blocking off the cabin entryways from the invading henchmen, during which she frantically calls Grohl for help.

Amazingly, Grohl awakens from his slumber and picks up the phone, but once he noticed there is no one on the other line, he looks at his wife -- realizing she is ringing him up in her sleep. So he immediately closes his eyes, immerses himself into her dream scenario and beats up the invading henchmen with his hulk smash of a pimp hand.

Of noticeable interest are the dynamic of colors -- with black and white effects showing the present, and regular colors portraying the dream sequence. Brilliant indeed.

Learn To Fly

In this four and a half minute clip, which parodies the movie 'Airplane!' the Foo Fighters play several different characters. Hawkins transforms into a female flight attendant, an officer and an overweight lady. Mendel plays the roles of flight engineer, a nerd, a flight attendant and a baby. Grohl portrays a pilot, a flight attendant, an obese female passenger and plays an unattractive teenage girl who is in love with the Foo Fighters -- all of whom also appear on the flight as their normal selves after playing a gig.

Making a cameo on 'Learn To Fly' are Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, who work as maintenance. They smuggle 'Erotic' world domination sleeping powder onto the plane and hide it in the coffee maker, which sets up the plot to the video. The unobservant flight crew uses the 'Erotic' powder to make the coffee and give everyone on the plane -- including the pilots -- coffee to drink.

Evidently, it leads to folks getting high and the pilots to pass out, sending the plane into a tailspin. Fortunately the three band members opted not to drink the coffee, so they head to the cockpit, read a 'Learn To Fly' airplane manual and make an emergency landing. Then, on their next flight, Tenacious D are caught smuggling 'Erotic' by an FBI agent, who happens to be played by -- you guessed it -- Grohl.

It's a clever music video that incorporates oddball characters, tells an intriguing story and utilizes every aspect one can expect from a flight. The message is clear: never drink coffee while in the air because you never know when YOU might have to take the reigns and make an emergency landing.

The One

While it was one of the leadoff singles for Orange County and visually influenced by the movie's high school scenes, 'The One' has a feel that pulls elements from other motion pictures such as The Breakfast Club and Not Another Teen Movie.

The video features the Foo Fighters in various partaking in different classes like theatre, ballet, band and miming (since when was miming offered in high school?). While practicing his lines during theatre class, Grohl watches the girl he is in love with kissing another fellow.

Depressed in the cafeteria, due to getting his heart broken and perhaps the lousy cafeteria food, Grohl does what any typical high schooler would do after being crushed: vent his frustration out loud to no one in particular. Then again, on everyone else's defense, they are too busy dancing around to deal with his dilemma. Eventually, Grohl and company gets everyone's attention by performing in the middle of the cafeteria when, coincidentally, the girl who fell in love with gets rejected by her new boy toy and runs away in tears. As Ratt said in the '80s, “What comes around, goes around.”

While almost everyone can relate to that situation, what makes this video stand out -- aside from an apparent class in miming -- are the shots of Grohl mimicking the movements of Jack Black's character from Orange County, which are perfectly edited in the film.


Evidently, the Foo Fighters have a thing for cross-dressing and that topic of activity appears in this 'Low' budget video. Sure it might look like it cost all of fifty-three dollars to make and if that were the case, then it's 53 dollars well spent.

Grohl and frequent collaborator Jack Black are two happy-go-lucky truckers who arrive a motel with beer in hand for what appears to be an action packed night of partying -- and it certainly becomes just that.

The dynamic duo videotape themselves doing very macho type things like dancing, arm wrestling, drinking massive amounts of alcohol, hugging one another, using the bathroom, prancing around in stripper outfits, bouncing on a bed in night vision and, of course, puking. Then, in the morning, the two wake up and leave the motel proud of their antics.

Do most men do this regularly? Nope. Probably not ever. For these two macho men, it's just another night.

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